Why You Should Have a Fertility Test

If you’re thinking about starting a family, then having a fertility test is one of the first steps you should take. Here are some of the reasons why having a fertility test in Malaysia would be beneficial for couples looking to conceive.

Prevents Potential Problems

Fertility tests can help detect any potential problems that could impede conception on either partner’s end. Identifying these issues early on allows you and your doctor to come up with an appropriate course of action, whether it’s trying natural remedies or undergoing treatment for more serious conditions. This will significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant!

Gives More Insight into Your Bodies

A fertility test not only helps you understand potential impediments to conception but also gives you a better insight into how your body works as well as its ability to cope with certain lifestyle habits. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that can help you make informed decisions regarding diet and exercise, which can ultimately affect your overall health and fertility!


Another great benefit of having a fertility test is that the tests are relatively inexpensive compared to medical treatments such as IVF. Furthermore, most private insurance companies cover the cost, making these tests more cost-effective than ever before!

The Right Time to Have a Test

The best time for women to have the fertility test is around day three to four of their cycle, while men should ideally have it after one to two days without ejaculating for accurate results. However, if both partners plan on having the same test, such as blood or hormonal tests, then the tests should be done at the same time in order to get consistent readings from both parties involved.

What Tests Should I Take?

When it comes to determining which type of tests are best suited for your needs, it depends on many factors such as age, health history, and lifestyle habits among others. Some of the most common ones available today include semen analysis, hormone tests, and anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) tests which can accurately determine your current fertility levels, so speak with your doctor before making any decision.

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