What are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are renowned when it comes to fixing the damage caused by tooth decay and other oral ailments. This is the main reason that composite fillings more are more similar than the color of the natural tooth. In other words, they can fill the cavities no matter in the front or in the back. The second reason to why it is preferred because it doesn’t contain any mercury which leads to health effects in the long run because of off gassing of the mercury as the time goes by. We have listed some of the benefits of composite fillings for the sake of your oral health.

  1. It doesn’t need much drilling than other types of fillings

If you are acquainted with amalgam fillings, you need to get your natural tooth removed to place the filling in a large chunk and on the ruined parts of the tooth as well. This can weaken the overall tooth structure. On the contrary, composite fillings need less tooth to be removed and once the filling has been firmly integrated with the natural tooth, it can lead to stronger tooth overall.

  1. The filling tooth integrates with the natural tooth

This is another major pro of getting composite filling. These resin fillings are of two types: onlays and overlays. They both are custom made in a lab. Once they are ready and dispatched to the dentist’s cleaning, your tooth will be prepared and a bonding agent is placed into your tooth. Lastly, the only is inserted. Then it hardens and integrates with the natural tooth which provides extra strength.

  1. These fillings tend to harden in a few seconds

After the filling is put in your mouth, a particular kind of light is subjected in your mouth and angled towards the filling. This is helpful in shortening the length of time it may take the bonding to harden on your teeth. Typically, the filling is cured and hardened in a matter of a few seconds.

  1. They help in fixing chips and cracks

These also help in fixing chips and cracks in your teeth. The immediate integration or bonding, durability and tooth colored look of the composite filling renders it perfect for fixing chips and cracks in the visible teeth. They are even useful for making resin veneers which help in giving your teeth a whiter look.

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