What are the Advantages of Invisible Braces over Traditional Ones?

Invisible braces are one of the clear orthodontic teeth alignment devices. If you are eligible for one, you need to put them on for at least 12 to 18 months on the basis of the correction your smile needs. You need to put them on for at least 22 hours a day and visit your dentist in every few weeks in order to get them changed.

No matter if you opt for invisible braces or metallic ones, they work on the same principle. Braces are an effective measure as they apply a consistent, gentle and constant pressure on your teeth to get them into a desirable pressure over time. This is done slowly so as to let the jawbone reshape too.

Benefits of invisible braces over traditional ones

  1. Better look

For the people who require orthodontic correction treatment, one of the main concerns is the look of metallic braces. They are clunky and renders the wearer self-conscious. Metal braces make people feel bad about oneself. Nobody wants to feel that way, hence many people shift to invisible braces to save themselves from being bullied and taunted.

  1. Fewer athletic limitations

If you are one of those diehard sports player, then avoid metal braces by all means. They fear the damage and pain of pain being inflicted to the mouth that can cause further damaged to the traditional braces. If you play football or baseball, then steer clear from metal braces by all means. This is one of the best features of invisible braces. You can remove these clear aligners for practice or game, store them away safely and replace them when you are done with playing the sport.

  1. You can eat the food you love

When you have metal braces on, you cannot eat foods like hard candy, popcorn, pretzels, taffy and bagels. Usually, eating these aren’t recommended in order to maintain proper oral health and general wellness. As a matter of fact, you cannot even eat juicy fruits like apples or pears when you have metal braces. But when you put invisible braces, you don’t need to be worried about these foods. You don’t need to worry about broken wires or damaged brackets as well. You can easily detach your invisible braces when you are eating, brush your teeth and put them on again.

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