Vaping CBD Shatter Using A Vape Pen or A Dab Pen

Some of you reading this article might have known about the CBD shatter already. And for those who do not know what it is, a CBD shatter is a form of CBD isolate like the CBD wax crumbles etc. and CBDA shatter by FluxxLab has the highest potency by far.

This article today aims at throwing some light about this CBD isolate form or product and how to consume it. After reading and understanding everything you have to know about them, if you wish to buy genuine quality CBD products, then check out the website of FluxxLab.

They are CBD and hemp experts based out of Colorado. They give one percent quality assurance for their products.

What is a CBD shatter? 

CBD shatter is one of the many forms in which CBD isolate is available for its users. CBD isolate means that it is the purest form of CBD and does not contain cannabinoid products of a hemp plant. Other CBD isolate forms are CBD crumble and CBD wax.

A CBD shatter is called so because it has a unique hard and brittle texture. While using these CBD shatters one could notice why they are called whatever they are being called. They shatter easily while handling and hence the name. 

Guide to vaping CBD shatter 

With the growing popularity of the CBD, there are more and more ways and unique equipment and product forms for people to try. The best way to take a CBD shatter is to take them by vaporizing. Some might be under the impression that they can be added while cooking but this doesn’t bring out the best in your CBD shatters.

It is only best to use CBD in crystal form, if you prefer to add them to your cookery. Likewise, vaping or dabbing. Dabbing is a form of smoking your CBD and it requires a specific equipment. The dab rig is a safest place to avoid overdose of CBD.

Usually, CBD shatters are available in 1g tubs. This is mainly because you only need to dab very less quantity of CBD shatters as they are highly potent form of CBD isolates.

Once you have read this article, I am sure you will never have any confusion about CBD shatters and how to dab them. All that is left is to enjoy your CBD in its purest form.

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