The Main Benefits of Acacia Honey to Health

Acacia honey is produced from the flowers of false Acacia or Black locust and often labeled American acacia or locust honey in the U.S. This type of honey is light-colored or even clear with a mild taste containing vanilla hints. Because it has a delicate flavor, it can be paired well with cheese. Its high fructose content makes it rare to crystallize. Below are the major benefits of this honey that people can be taking advantage of:

It is a Good Antiseptic

The honey produced from acacia flower has strong natural antiseptic properties. Studies show that it is a natural antimicrobial for many reasons. It has hydrogen peroxide which is a natural disinfectant. This honey is found to have between 22 gram and 38 grams of glucose per 100 gram.  Also, its low acidity contributes to its antiseptic properties. With a pH level of 3.5, it can inhibit bacterial growth, thus, consuming acacia honey can help in treating respiratory infections.

Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

While it is still debatable, acacia honey is said to bring down blood sugar levels as some studies have claimed. This honey has low sucrose content which makes it usable as a natural sweetener for controlling the sugar levels.

Crystallizes Slowly

Unlike other kinds of honey, the honey produced from acacia flowers don’t crystallize easily. Thus, it can be kept inside a jar for a long time while keeping its quality. Keeping this honey at room temperature and properly sealed is enough to preserve it well.

Helps Maintain the Glow of the Skin

A lot of beauty enthusiasts make honey as their main beauty regimen. Being rich in iron, calcium, zinc, potassium and vitamin C, this honey can reduce scars, blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin flaws. The honey is also a natural moisturizer that softens the skin organically when used every day. It is incorporated in soaps or face packs or consumed directly.

Cleanses the Body

Honey from acacia serves as a great source of bacteria that the gut can benefit from. It helps in minimizing live and intestinal damage. Also, it deep cleanses the body by detoxifying the liver and conditioning the intestine. As honey serves as an antioxidant, it decreases oxidative stress which causes cell damage. In addition, this type of honey is known for lipid reduction in the body that in turn minimizes excess body weight. When used with warm water on an empty stomach, honey can reduce fasts and provide the body the energy it needs.

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