Protect Your Fellow Man by Donating or Volunteering for International Aid Societies

It is the great John Donne whom we have to thank for his immortal decree that “No man is an island.” The rest of Donne’s poem expands on that simple yet critically humanist idea, delving into the interconnected nature of our existences and how we are interdependent on one another. We are all responsible for one another, and we thus have a duty to help and protect one another whenever possible. For as much of a burden as that may seem, it is one well worth shouldering if we are to be worthy of the higher ideals to which we hold humanity accountable.

One of the most tangible and important ways in which you can help your fellow man is by donating to or otherwise volunteering for medical funds and programmes which are specifically designed to fight infectious disease in at-risk countries. These are typically countries in which the sanitation and public health systems are poor, thus resulting in a much greater risk of infection. You naturally don’t want this to happen, which is why you’ll want to work for international agencies working to combat the spread of parasites in humans in at-risk areas around the world.

The Effects of Parasites

The worst parasites in these areas can have a wide range of different detrimental effects, including:

  • Stunted child growth and development
  • Reduced school attendance among children
  • Reduced productivity among adults
  • Severe and potentially permanent organ damage
  • Infertility
  • Increased risk of HIV

Combatting Their Spread

As stated, many of these parasites are able to spread so quickly and to such a horrifying extent because of the poor sanitary and health conditions in the regions in question. Unsanitary water alone is one of the leading causes of disease and death in many of these regions. No one should ever fear for their lives when doing something as simple and integral to life as taking a sip of water.

That’s why the best international aid agencies dedicated to stopping the spread of these diseases in aforementioned areas will work to supply residents with clean water supplies. They will also work tirelessly to do everything they can do to effectively combat the spread of these diseases.

Making a Difference

There are many ways in which you can make the difference in the lives of children and parents who truly need your help preventing and fighting these terrible parasitic diseases. You can volunteer to assist. Submit an email or application, and staff will reply shortly to inform you as to how you can help. You can also donate to these causes, funding research as well as helping these aid societies afford the materials they need to treat their patients.

Take Donne’s immortal words to heart today, and protect those especially vulnerable to parasites and infectious disease by donating to or volunteering for international societies giving medical aid to regions that need help the most.

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