Progressing To a High-End Vape Device

So, you’ve taken up vaping as a method of giving up smoking and enjoyed it immensely. Still, now you’ve seen that fellow vaper walking down your local streets blowing out unbelievably large clouds of vape and decided that’s what you want. It’s time to progress to the upper echelons of vape devices, leave your vape pen behind and investigate the more advanced available machines, which means it is vape pod time.

What is the Vape Pod?

The vape pod is the vaping industry’s latest innovation in vape kit design; they are called an AIO or all in one, meaning they have an internal battery giving adjustable power and most feature a built-in coil. The effect of the built-in coil means that once the coil has expired, you simply switch the pod for a new one; this is also a good feature if you like to switch between different flavours of e-liquid as you just change pods. A great option when deciding which vape pod is the latest evolution of the SMOK Nord range is the SMOK Nord X pod.

Why the SMOK Nord X pod?

Simply put, this is a great option when choosing a vape pod; it is the evolution of SMOK’s pod devices that incorporate all the latest features that you could want in a vape pod. Powered by a 1500Ah internal battery, it gives a long-lasting charge which is quicker to recharge thanks to the newer Type-C charge port. This gives varied wattage control between 5w and 60w, and whether you prefer Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) or Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping either is possible with the SMOK Nord X pod. Other excellent features include –

  • 2ml Pod Capacity
  • 15 – 3.0ohm Resistance range
  • 16 – 0.4ohm Coil resistance
  • Varied coil compatibility

A Versatile Machine

As previously mentioned, the Nord X’s features mean it can be utilized for MTL or DTL vaping by varying the pod, coil, wattage, and e-liquid. If you outfit your Nord X with an RPM pod and use it in conjunction with an RPM Quartz coil and a suitable 50/50 e-liquid, it gives a most enjoyable Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vape. A different configuration of an RPM2 pod with a 0.16ohm RPM2 coil and a higher VG e-liquid gives a great Direct-To-Lung (DTL) experience highlighting why this device sets such high standards. Its stylish, lightweight, and compact design means it is pocket friendly, and it is manufactured from zinc alloy to IP-67 rating, which means it’s waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof so that you can push this durable machine to the limit. It also comes with all the latest safety features, is available in three different colours, it is a great choice.

Other Vape Pod Options Available

There is an abundance of alternatives within the vape pod range; Voopoo’s Drag X Pro is highly recommended, especially for vapers new to the pod. Innokin’s offering, the Go S, is lauded for its ease-of-use and stylish design; At the same time, Vaporesso’s Target PM80 is another device worth looking at, it comes down to one’s own vaping tastes, but whatever they are, there is no shortage of excellent vape pods to select from.

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