Low Carb VS Keto Diets

Studies have shown that there has been an increase in the number of people living with obesity all over the world. Much of this is likely due to poor nutrition and exercise habits. We all love a good burger or a sweet bowl of ice cream now and then, but how badly are we neglecting our physical health and indulging in unhealthy foods.

Today, there have been health campaigns all over encouraging people to start practicing a healthy lifestyle by watching what they eat and excessing consistently. The campaigns have yielded positive results as more and more people are starting their health and fitness journey everyday. Health business and fitness influencers are popping up all over the place from health oriented MLM’s like Xyngular, to fitness trainers like Kayla Itsines.

People’s bodies are different; what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. It is important to first consult your health nutritionist before starting on any health plan. There are various diets today, but today, we did some research into two of the most popular ones right now: keto vs. low carb diets.

What exactly is the difference between a low carb and keto diet?

Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets have been used as a weight loss method for years and people have seen significant weight loss and improved health from lowering the amount of carbs they are eating. What is a low carb diet? As the name suggests, a low carb diet is a meal plan that requires you to reduce your carbohydrate intake in order to benefit your health. One person’s level of healthy carbohydrates in the body might not be the same as another person’s.

A low carb diet allows you to eat foods that you enjoy while still helping you to shed the pounds and lose weight. If you are a lover of fish, vegetables, and chicken, this might be the right diet for you to try. Carbohydrates such as bread are converted into sugar by our bodies — any access excess gets stored as fat. Our bodies often find it difficult to burn fats leading to an excess of stored fats. A low carb diet minimizes the amount of carbohydrates intake, which means that less glucose will be stored as fat, which makes it easier for the body to burn fat.

Low levels of fat in the body due to minimal intake of carbohydrates can help speed up weight loss results can be realized sooner without having to eat a single ‘boring’ meal.

Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet, commonly known as the keto diet, is similar to a low carb diet. A keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that can help your body burn fat more effectively. The main goal of the keto diet is to allow the body to reach the ketosis level. Ketosis is when the body’s metabolism turns to stored fat in the body for energy instead of the glucose stores. Some of the foods you will eat while on a keto diet include beef, bacon, eggs, and cheese.

One downside to a keto diet is the lack of cheat meals. Once your body is in ketosis, you cannot afford to have a cheat meal as you will throw your body off. Many people experience flu like symptoms often called the “keto flu” as the body works to get back into a state of ketosis.


Both diets have the potential to work for weight loss and improving health. The success of every weight loss journey depends on your body’s metabolism and structure, as well as your dedication to the program. For best weight loss results, it is essential to first consult your nutritionist and/or doctor before starting any kind of healthy living diet and exercise plan.

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