How Menopause Symptoms Look Like

Menopause is mostly a hard period for every woman. You don’t feel quite like yourself, and sometimes, menopause symptoms catch you by surprise. While you are feeling the change, your family and friends can also notice that something is different about you. Although, is a difficult period in life, try to understand it more, starting with a thought that all of that is normal.

How it comes to menopause

Woman ovaries work until around 50 years of her life. It can happen earlier, around 45 years. When that starts you begin to lose your period. The hormones became imbalanced when ovaries start to work poorly. Those changes are the cause of menopause symptoms.

When your ovaries start to work less, you do more for your life quality

Which are the menopause symptoms

Before you actually enter the menopause, your period will be irregular. One month you will have it, and then a couple of other months you won’t. Sometimes your period will be poor, and some other time it will be plenteous. These changes are known as perimenopause.

When you notice these changes, it will be good to visit the specialist to make sure that you are about to enter the menopause. At menopause clinic in Brisbane like Australian Menopause Centre, you could do that, or by visiting the site, you can get some new information.

Changes in mood are one of the first signs of menopause. In one moment you can feel great, while in others you can get mad, sad or anxious. Next, that can happen is that you get a hit of the hot flushes, causing you to sweat, and causing some redness mostly around your neck. These hot flushes can appear during the night, waking you up and causing the lack of sleep.

Also, vaginal dryness is a big problem for most of the women. Not just dryness, but the vaginal skin is also getting thin and painful, particularly during the intercourse. The hot flushes and the vaginal dryness are the most problematic symptoms of menopause according to Australian Menopause Centre, and the treatments are giving great results.

The right treatment is the key to reducing the menopause symptoms

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Also common symptoms are headache, weight gain, slower metabolism, loss of breast fullness, tightening hair and dry skin, vaginal dryness. So, if you noticed these symptoms, don’t be discouraged. Today, there are available remedies and treatments that will do the work, and prolong these changes as much as possible.

Finding a good doctor is a great start when you enter the menopause. He will answer any of your medical concerns, and establish a therapy that will be right for you.


Preventive is in this case also important. When you take care of your body by exercises, good diet and the right remedies, you will prevent some other possible menopause side effects.

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