Here’s All You Need to Know About Maple Syrup


Anyone with sweet tooth knows the amazing taste of maple syrup. Maple syrup can well be combined with many food preparations and perfect for many dishes, even savory ones.

The making of Maple syrup – The syrup is made from xylem sap of the Maple tree by cutting out a tap-hole and attaching a container, tube or a boiler where the sap finds its destination later during spring. During the warm spring temperature, the maple trees convert their stored starch into sugar again. The trees give out the sap as a mixture of ground water and sugar. It is a transparent liquid consisting of mostly clear water and only 2% sugar.

After collection of sap, it is boiled steadily on high fire until the exclusive maple flavour is attained. The syrup is then filtered for impurities and is good to go, to be packaged as it is or converted into various by-products.

Grading – Maple syrup is graded as per Canada, United states or Vermont scales depending upon how dense or translucent it is. For instance, in the Vermont scale, the maple syrup is graded into:

  • Fancy
  • Grade A medium amber
  • Grade A dark Amber
  • Grade B

In a more recent upgradation, the US department of agriculture has made changes in the grading system putting all in grade A. It is followed by a color and flavor description. It is as below:

  • Grade A golden delicate taste/ color
  • Grade A amber rich taste/ color
  • Grade A dark robust taste/ color
  • Grade A very dark color/strong taste

Maple Products – Maple products are not just restricted to maple syrup.  There are other maple products such as maple butter, maple taffy, maple vinegar, maple flakes, maple sugar, maple spirits, maple water and many more. Its variety makes for great Délices Erable & cie, pure maple syrup being an all-time favorite.

Using maple syrup – There are endless possibilities for the use maple syrup and products.

  • It can be added to milk shakes, ice creams or yogurt for its unique flavour.
  • It can be infused into drinks such as tea, coffee or even cocktails.
  • Maple syrup can greatly enhance marinades, sauces and vinegars.
  • You can use a maple product to replace white sugar.
  • Last but not the least, Maple products are a healthier option when it comes to bakery products, pastries, desserts and confectionery. They taste better too.

Next time go to purchase your bottle of maple syrup, you know you are better informed. So, use all your knowledge and of course, rely your taste buds, to know which one you would relish the most.

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