Here is What You Should Expect During Dental Implant Procedure

When a tooth is infected and cannot be fit comfortably inside your mouth, it becomes necessary to remove the tooth entirely. Many patients are horrified by the mere thought of it, but this extraction lets the mouth to heal completely and stay healthy in the long run. In many cases, dental implants are helpful in replacing the unfit tooth that follows an extraction. When facing a tooth extraction, it is common to be concerned about the process and the imminent dental implant. So, worry not. Here is what to expect during the dental implant process at Centre implant dentaire rive-sud.

  1. X rays

Your dentist will require some x rays for evaluation and prognostic purpose. Panoramic x rays, x rays, or a 3D CT scan helps in ascertaining the bone and gum condition and to determine the warning signs if any.

  1. Impressions

This will provide your dentist with a good replica of your teeth, gums and surrounding tissues. They will come up with the right size of plastic or metal impression tray for your mouth and soft liquid is filled in it. Then you will be made to bite on a U shaped plastic tray. The liquid will settle in a minute or two and transform into a solid rubber mass. Then you open your mouth and the tray is removed and then sent to lab for processing.

  1. Tooth extraction

This is done at the same time as the implant insertion. Your dentist will inform you what anesthesia they are using. It doesn’t take much time to pull out a tooth, but when fractured, the dentist will take proper measures. There will be a little pressure and tugging during the extraction. Within 24 hours after the extraction, you will be advised not to smoke, drink via a straw, spit a lot or blow your nose. Doing these will cause a dry socket and a lot of pain.

  1. Implant

Then a hole is drilled in your jawbone. Sometimes an incision is made to expose the bone which will need stitches. The dentist will install the implant deep into your jawbone. This will act as an artificial root for your brand new tooth. On the basis of the condition of your jawbone, a bone graft is needed. The dentist will ask you to have soft food diet. After this process, the abutment is placed and eventually the crown to finish the process.

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