Give Your Body A New Look With Gynecomastia And Mini Tummy Tuck Treatment

For some parts of your body, exercises and a good diet cannot help you to achieve results that you desire. Those areas are enlarged breasts in men and abdomen fat tissue that can be an issue for men and women. Maybe you succeed to shrink your stomach a bit, and that gynecomastia will be smaller with some medicaments, but some fat just doesn’t seem to go away.

When it comes to that, cosmetics surgery can help. You will get great results, and more importantly, your results will be permanent if you stick to a good diet and regular exercises.


Gynecomastia is a condition where men breasts get bigger. It is quite a normal condition in teenagers because their hormones are naturally changing in that period. It becomes abnormal when the level of hormone estrogen becomes higher in adult man. This hormone is regulating the size of the breasts, and when he gets higher, breasts are getting larger.

With some medicaments, you can lower the estrogen, but when that is not the case, for example when a person is obese, surgery is a good option. If you would like to undergo this surgery, you must first see your doctor and do some tests which will make sure that there is nothing more serious going on.

Searching for a good specialist is never a waste of time. You need to have trust in him and good recommendations of the clinic and the doctor. In Australia gynecomastia treatment in Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is well known for its good results and satisfied clients.

Gynecomastia surgery results

Because it is a surgical procedure, the doctor is using anaesthetic and liposuction to remove that stubborn fat once and for all.

Mini tummy tuck

Is one more treatment that is using liposuction to remove your fat tissue, but this time for your lower abdomen. There are various types of this treatment, depending on the area that is treated, but this one is focusing on your part of the stomach that is lower from the umbilicus.

Most people undergo this procedure if they manage to lose a great amount of weight and the lower stomach stays limp, or women who desire to get rid of the postnatal stomach. The mini tummy tuck in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is well performing and at that clinic, you can ask everything you would like to know.

Mini tummy tuck is simple procedure with great results

The procedure does not take long, the cut is very small so the recovery is quite fast. Your results will last longer if you maintain a good diet and some form of exercises. You will shape your body the way you always wanted.

Final word

Sometimes when we look beautiful we feel beautiful. If you are close to your goal but some parts of the body just won’t change, think about these procedures. There are now very developed with minimum side effects.

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