All That You Wanted to Know About Couperose

Many of you may be tired of having redness in certain part of your body and face which may appear during any season. Would you not like to find some remedy for that? There are few aesthetic medicines available which can take care of such problem.

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What is couperose?

Many of you must have heard about couperose, which is certain chronic skin problem that is caused by weakening of our blood vessels, that are mainly located on our cheek and nose.

Our skin will naturally redden if it is overexposed against cold, heat, emotion or certain stimulants like spices, alcohol, and coffee or during any physical activity.

Our blood vessels dilate in order to allow blood to flow through them. After certain time it will spontaneously close, thus allows the skin in regaining its normal appearance.

However, few blood vessels can have trouble to reclose and redness appears and the couperose settles in.

Origin of couperose

Mostly, couperose cases can be hereditary as our blood vessels are programmed genetically to slowly lose their vitality. Sometimes, it can be a result of intense sunburn, frostbite or surgery.

Treating couperose

For properly treating couperose, intense pulsed light is frequently used which is the only method that is known to us till now. These technological platforms are used in aesthetic medicine to even out the skin tone, which are medical grade, highly effective and very safe.

How the treatment will work?

It has been seen that pulsed light is able to treat many different types of skin problems because of its adjustable power of penetrating. This is also helpful for:

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Age spots removal
  • Removal of acne- mild to moderate
  • Redness

Therefore, it can also treat couperose and it can be effective even if the face will take on purplish complexion, kind of a sign which the blood vessels can be seriously weakened.

In order to achieve the required wavelength, a customized filter will be inserted in the universal applicator as per the required therapeutic effect.

As an example, yellow light will reach the depth of 560 nms. and helps to calm inflammation. First a protective gel will be applied to skin during the typical session and then the nozzle will move over the entire surface to be treated and it will diffuse light by pulsation.

Finally, when the session will end, the skin will be cleaned and pampered by using certain soothing products.

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