7 Activity Ideas for Families to Do Together at Home

With children stuck at home, there’s a good chance they can get bored quickly, and/or spend too much time on electronic devices. At Herbalife Nutrition, we encourage healthy habits in people of all ages. And while the internet is a valuable tool, kids and adults must learn how to unplug now and then. With that in mind, Herbalife Nutrition shared seven activities families can do at home, off the web.

  1. Paint or Draw

Painting and drawing can spark creativity in a child, helping their imaginations grow. To get them started, you can put some ideas in a basket and have them select two or three. Then, tell them to create a work of art from those ideas. You may be amazed at what their minds create. Some fun things you can write down include animals, colors, holidays, and foods.

  1. Cook Together

Find a nutritious, kid-friendly recipe or prepare a healthy family favorite. During prep time, you can sneak in a couple of lessons. While they measure the ingredients, teach them how to half or double the measurements. If you are making one dish, discuss meal planning and find out what foods or recipes would go with it.

  1. Put on or Read a Play

Pick a movie or book and act out a scene or a mini version of the story. The kids can set the stage with household items and create costumes out of their wardrobe. For a less involved version of this project, have your child stand up and read a section from a book as one of the characters. This is also an excellent way to encourage kids to read. After the session, they may just finish another chapter on their own.

  1. Get Some Exercise

Even if you do not have much room at home, you can still squeeze in some exercise. Put on some dance music and get everybody up and moving. Make it silly and fun. Or consider taking a walk. Grab some chalk and have your children write a message on the sidewalk for the other walkers, such as “have a great walk” or “enjoy the sunshine.” Watch through the window when others stroll by and smile from the surprise greeting. You can also take the chalk, make a hopscotch grid or draw a square, and bounce a ball back and forth, making sure it hits the square each time. The size of the ball and square can make the game enjoyable.

  1. Play Board Games

Board games can be challenging or just plain fun. It might be a good time to learn harder games, such as chess or backgammon. These games can help develop strategic thinking, and kids can continue to perfect their techniques for many years.

  1. Play Cards

Playing cards is another way to play and learn at the same time. For young children, teach them how to line them up from smallest to largest. For something a little harder, put down two cards and have them add or subtract them and then lay down the card that is the answer. For example, you could put down a two and three, and your child would need to find a five and lay it down. Older kids can learn how to play Solitaire.

  1. Star Gaze

At night, take some time to look at the stars. See if you can spot a shooting star or see Venus glowing brightly. Many apps can help you find celestial bodies, but for one night, just enjoy the night sky and being together.

Herbalife Nutrition believes good nutrition choices and healthy lifestyle habits should start at a young age and at home. These seven off-the-grid activities allow families to reconnect in a purposeful and fun way.

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