5 Various Services Available from an Online Counselling Platform 

Mental health is something that has become more evident since the start of the pandemic, especially here in Australia and counselling is available from various agencies and organisations. We are all under a lot of pressure in this fast-paced 21st century world and with that in mind, here are some of the specialised counselling services offered by a range of healthcare providers.

  1. Anxiety therapy – Worry brings stress with it and while it is easy to say, ‘don’t worry’, it can be tough to put this out of your thoughts. Fear is often the driver with anxiety and talking with a qualified counsellor often removes the cause of the anxiety. Indeed, many Australians receive counselling with Echuca, who are a leading healthcare provider with numerous certified mental health counsellors who deliver their services remotely.
  2. Relationship counselling – Relationships can be very difficult at the best of times and external pressure can make things worse. If you and your partner are having issues, why not search online for a leading Australian healthcare provider that offers relationship counselling? It is normal for both parties to engage with the counsellor with complete transparency and both parties are encouraged to be open and frank, with the counsellor facilitating the session. If you and your partner are committed to making the relationship work, this should be possible with the help and guidance of a certified counsellor.
  3. Teenage issues – Some families are under stress due to an internal conflict with teenage offspring and we all know how the teenage years tend to disrupt hormonal balance. Arguments can get heated and passions run high, which is when you need to ask all parties to calm down and work with a qualified counsellor who has a lot of experience in working with teenagers in a family setting. It isn’t always the case that the teenager is at fault and young people can be very defensive, which can hinder progress. Honesty is important when discussing domestic issues and all parties should try to remain calm and emotion-free when discussing things.
  4. Family counselling – Living together can be difficult and some families turn to counselling to solve domestic issues within the family. Sometimes siblings develop hostility towards their parents or each other and a family counsellor can help by identifying issues and responsibilities. One way to improve living together as a family is to create routines and rules, while bringing parties together is a big part of improving family relationships.
  5. Life planning – Some people seem to be trapped in a dull routine and with no real signs of improvement, depression is a usual outcome. If you feel that you are wasting your life and would like to set some realistic goals, talk to an experienced mental health counsellor and let the healthcare professional help you create a life plan.

There is currently a mental health crisis here in Australia, of that there is no doubt and should you be experiencing mental health issues, there are online solutions.

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