Why You Should Be Accredited for Health and Safety When Taking on Construction Staff

For any employer the health and safety of their employees is of significant importance, especially when working in construction. Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces around. There are thousands of associated risks and hazards involved with working in construction. Yet a successfully managed construction site will help minimise the chances of these risks developing into dangerous, injurious or even lethal situations. When managing a construction site you need to make sure you are up to date with the latest rules, regulations and laws regarding health and safety within construction. Otherwise you may have to face criminal charges. If there is an accident on an inappropriately managed site you may be liable to a long sentence or have to face a hefty lawsuit.

Complying with health and Safety Standards

Health and Safety When Taking on Construction Staff

The most important reason for complying with health and safety standards is to ensure the health and prosperity of yourself and fellow colleagues. Furthermore construction managers who fail to comply with this legislation, such as failing to provide the necessary protective equipment for workers and filling out an in depth risk assessment, face severe fines or even criminal charges.

Accidents always happen on the construction site, however strategic and pragmatic health and safety management will go a long way to limit the risks and as long as you have managed these risks in compliance with UK health and safety law, you will not have to face criminal charges in the event of an accident and cannot be held liable in a court of law. UK health and safety law is continually changing and modified, so it is essential that you remain up to date with the latest modifications. Accreditation services such as Acclaim health and safety provide excellent health and safety training which is both rigorously in depth and up to date, allowing you to conduct your business within a professional environment.

A professional outfit for productive work

professional outfit for productive work

Managing health and safety in a professional manner will not only minimise the risks of an accident in the workplace but is also more likely to make your work more productive. Pragmatic and rigorous health and safety is all part of a carefully managed site and workers recognise this. They want to work in places which are safe and organised, therefore health and safety training will allow you to attract the best employees in your local area and in almost all cases it is found that employees work harder in sites with carefully managed health and safety procedures.

A professional business will attract customers

professional business will attract customers

Having the correct health and safety measures will also enable you to attract more business. The UK’s economic recession has been tough on the construction industry and the current market is highly competitive. Having a good track record for health and safety and holding certificates which demonstrate your training is both professionally accredited and up to date, may go a long way to securing a building contract.

Andrew Ryan has been working in the construction industry for over 15 years providing advice and guidance over the best procedures for health and safety management. He finds Acclaim health andsafety offer superior accredited health and safety training for construction managers who are at varying levels in their career.

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