4 Mistakes to Avoid while Going on a Cruise Vacation

Often after boarding a cruise one realizes of the hick-ups that he or she couldn’t foresee before shelling out hundreds of dollars. It is only after boarding the cruise people get to know about the inconveniences that make their vacations far from perfect. Mentioned below are 4 mistakes that can be avoided while going on a cruise vacation and they can help you making your vacation a little better and hassle free than otherwise.

  • Taking Care of Luggage: This can get very tricky, especially if you are boarding a huge cruise with thousands of people on it. Your luggage will often be placed with thousands of other luggage and no matter how distinct you think your bags look you will be surprised to see how easily they blend with other bags in the luggage section. Another problem could be that even if you are very cautious there can be many others who mistake your bags for theirs and there you go losing your luggage for no reason. So, stick something very obvious and unique like a day-glow sticker or hang a small teddy bear to it. Your aim should be to make it distinct from hundreds and thousands of other bags.

Taking Care of Luggage

  • Drinks: Now being on a cruise doesn’t mean you go on a drinking spree. You are on a vacation alright but you need to check your drinks for many reasons. Vacation cruises offer expensive drinks and by expensive we mean double of what you would pay otherwise for the same drink in a bar. So, consider drinking less or else pretty soon you would have spent hundreds of dollars on drinks that you would throw in your stash anyway. Go for beer cans if you want but less of those flowery fancy drinks. Cruises legally stop you from bringing alcoholic beverages but the rules are not all that stringent. You can sneak in a few bottles for yourself without catching anyone’s eyeballs. More importantly, do buy enough water and then board the cruise. Some cruises also charge a bomb for drinking water and sodas.
  • First Aid: This becomes important if you are travelling with kids and though the cruises are well equipped with such emergencies, small or big, it is always better to not run around wasting time and money in search of first aid for yourself and/or your family. Your kids can always get bumps and bruises while playing here and there or while swimming or too much of new food can cause indigestion to anyone. It would be awesome if you are in a detox cruise, which can help you relax in case you suffer from headaches because of too much alcohol or excess food. Seasickness is again something thattroubles many cruise passengers, but unfortunately first aid kits can’t really help you in fighting the same.

detox cruise

  • Say No to Street Vendors: Whenever you get down from the cruise and step ashore in all likeliness you will be approached by many vendors trying to sell you different stuffs like jewelry, CDs, cigars, drinks etc. If this is the first time you have been at the place, just say a no to these roaming vendors as there is no way you can test what you are buying. Most importantly, don’t ever make the mistake of buying any kind of drugs like pot or marijuana from any of such vendors, otherwise you could potentially run into legal trouble.

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